Creative Arts Therapist

Jacqueline Sanders

Jacqueline Sanders, is the Originator of Creative Beetroot and she

has built a Unique Creative Arts Programme for kids. She married

Jurgens van Wyk, A TV producer and director here in Cape Town,

Tokai, 2011. They have 2 beautiful girls, Savannah 5 and Olivia 2. 


Jacqueline, has over 10 years’ experience working with children with

ASD, and children with barriers to learning and who have social

difficulties. She has been working with children in this field since

2000 where she started her career in London, UK, having been

trained in the Son-Rise Program Approach. During this period, she

studied Performing Arts.


During her time in London, UK, Jacqueline worked with a wonderful

family and their autistic son, Gyan. Being part of this family’s journey,

this completely changed her world. Jacqueline knew she had

found her true path, her passion! Jacqueline found a way to

combine both her passions, the creative arts and therapy, whilst

helping children.


Returning to South Africa, Durban, Jacqueline continued doing

and being involved in Children’s Theatre. She was part of Hooked

on Books, and got a lead role playing the brilliant Scientist in an

Einstein Production. After a few years in Durban, Jacqueline decided to move to Cape Town, where she started at Reach-Autism: from 2009 till 2016, Being with Reach-Autism Organization for many years, Jacqueline loved working, learning and growing with them and her heart will always be a part of the organization.  


Over these years, Jacqueline has built up her skill and knowledge through various workshops, training and courses, and years of hands-on practical work with many families and children. She has seen the success that the Creative Arts offers in helping kids, learn and grow emotionally with social skills development, and how to express themselves positively and how they can make a difference in this world.


The Creative Arts are a very important part of our children’s developmental process from their early years through to adult hood. It helps create a Growth Mindset, in helping them to lead a successful, happy life that they can define in themselves knowing themselves, understanding themselves and others around them. Life is challenging, and understanding emotions is an abstract concept, through the Creative Arts we help teach emotions, social and life Skills by giving our children tools to help make healthy choices, to problem solve, create solutions and the how to express themselves in a positive way. The aim is doing all of this whilst having fun discovering themselves and their new talents!


Jacqueline’s dream has always been to combine the creative arts with a therapeutic, holistic, fun approach. She has over the years been fortunate to make a positive difference to lives of the children she works with by combining these two passions.


Creative Beetroots motto is “We Uplift! We Empower! We Embrace!"


Jacqueline has big dreams for Creative Beetroot, and the Creative Arts extra mural activity programme is just the beginning for her. Each year the programme will evolve and Jacqueline is a true believer of always learning more and adding to her and her teams skills. She also feels it is very important for Creative Beetroot to get involved in community projects, as its all about growing together, working together to make a difference. 


Jacqueline aims to have a Creative Arts Centre soon, bringing the Creative Arts to you, with classes and therapy being available. Entertainment, Organic food and a place to just relax, be at peace in an uplifting environment with your family, your friends or just by yourself. Very exciting things to come! 


Creative Arts Facilitator

Portia Sandla

I am a mother of 2 wonderful children, ages 17 and 11. I just love being a mom, and have always loved working with children, I believe they are the food for my soul.


Working with children has always given me so much joy.


Creative Arts have always been another love I have, I feel I am able to face any challenges through the Arts. I am able to focus, be calm and it gives me peace of mind. 


Being a part of the Creative Beetroot team has been a wonderful journey as I am able to explore both my passions and my soul is shining with happiness.

Creative Arts Facilitator

Cailin Mahoney

Cailin, is a very talented freelance Graphic designer / Artist, and works as a Creative Arts Facilitator to Creative Beetroot.


She completed her Visual Communication Design degree at Stellenbosch University,

where she spent 4 years learning about, and conceptualizing the traditions of Visual Art. 


She has always been passionate about design, art, and the importance of creative expression. She loves working with young people, and she is a strong believer in holistic creative interaction and participation.


Through Creative Beetroot she has been able to explore both teaching and the arts - whilst learning about the positive growth that stems from creating together. 

Social / Play Professional Advisor

Candice van Ellewee

I am a very compassionate person who loves to work with people, especially children.

I enjoy being part of developing family interventions, practicing social-emotional development therapy with children who learn differently and those who have experienced trauma or come from a hard place and training people in the importance of play.

I am passionate about helping children connect with their families and friends, to develop well socially and equipping them with tools to work through tough emotions.

Candice is an important part of the Creative Beetroot team, she offers Social / Play Professional Advice for our online content.

She also assist with all our prop building.

Candice is a member of Resilient Kids SA Team.



I would not be able to do this without the help from my two amazing Creative Arts Facilitators Cailin and Portia


Jacqueline Sanders has combined her experience of skill working with children with the Creative Arts. She is able to work with groups OR individualized therapy one on one. She helps a child deal with difficulties by embracing the child’s motivation, and teaching in these areas such as: social skill development, speech, education, understanding of self and emotional development. As well as communication skills, building up the child’s confidence, development in toy play, imaginary play and theatre expression. Development in life skills and behavior. As well as development in the Performing Arts. She has done studies, workshops, courses, and training in both fields.

Through her years of experience, she has a great understanding and practical experience in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and PRT (Pivotal response treatment) skills used in an adapted teaching method with children. 


Further, Jacqueline has studied Performing Arts, where she has built up her skills in Theatre Performance, Production Management, Theory and practical of the Performing Arts, Development of Performing Arts Skills, Voice & Speech, Acting, Improvisation, Movement and Dance.


Jacqueline has learned through these fields the importance of the development in play, imagination and creativity is with helping and teaching children.

• Certification of Reach-Autism Introductory Workshop (beginners to advanced)
• Certification of Reach-Autism School Facilitation (beginners to advanced)
• Certification of Introductory Handle Course (Mind Stretch with Jennifer Southgate)

• Introductory Prompt workshop (The Prompt Institution) to help with speech.
• Care Clown Train Trainer workshop (The upliftment program) for children in hospitals.
• Training with Home Program using the Son-Rise Program Approach (UK)
• Certification of Access To Performing Arts - Level 3 (UK)

• Credit Certification of Access To Performing Arts (UK) 
• Various Performing Arts workshops and studies with City & Islington (UK)

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