What is Big Life Journal?

Creative Beetroot This Year is Including THE BIG LIFE JOURNAL curriculum into our lessons this year!


We are incorporating a Creative Life Journal per child, where they will get to express themselves not only through the different forms of the Arts, but through a personal journey with lessons from the Big Life Journal. 


This journal helps our children to learn, and understand what developing a growth mindset is all about. It is extremely powerful, and we can't wait to share this with you and all our little 'Beets'! 


1. What does it mean to GROW? What kinds of things grow? Answers will vary. Growth means to develop, change, mature, evolve. Living things grow - plants, animals, and people. Even our brains can grow! 

2. When you think of the brain or minds, what do you think MINDSET means? Mindset is the way our brain thinks about things we do. Our mindset helps us look at problems, as well as mistakes, in a positive way! 

3. Let’s put those words together: growth and mindset. When we combine them, it means something really important. What could growth mindset mean? A growth mindset is believing in the power of yourself and your brain! We know our intellect and abilities develop when we try hard things, use the right strategies, and don’t give up. So a growth mindset is when we know, with practice, we will get better at something.



Why Calm Classroom?

Founder of Creative Beetroot, Jacqueline Sanders is in the process of studying through Calm Classroom, she strongly believes in their techniques in helping us all slow down a little, to help us understand the meaning of what mindfulness is, and how to implement these easy 3 minute techniques into our daily lives, and hopefully into schools as well. She has started using a few breathing techniques into her program which helps with the following below. It is a new concept for most, and once started it is lovely to see the progress within it. These techniques are to help, and to empower our students.  


Our mindfulness-based techniques:

provide skills needed to create a calmer learning environment for students and teachers.



helps us to better understand how our thoughts and emotions influence our behavior so that we can make more conscious decisions.



Mental Focus:

In a world filled with distractions, cultivating the skill of focused attention is more important than ever before.



Emotional Resilience:

By learning effective emotional management strategies, students can self-regulate and achieve a state of calm in any moment.


Please click on https://calmclassroom.com/ to find out more info.

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