“Everything great that ever happened in this world happened first in somebody's imagination"
- Astrid Lindgren


In Partnership with Generation Schools


At Creative Beetroot, we love our 'Beets' and their families. We are always happy to add more 'Beets' to our ever growing Community. If you have not been with us from the start, join our 'Beet' family today by following us on Instagram and Facebook! And enjoy our FREE colouring in posters and Motivational posters below! 


Not only that! Take a look at what we are currently in development with in partnership with Generation Schools, see our Free Views below with our very own Edutainment Library!

Our Edutainment Platforms

Creative Beetroot and Generation School have been on an incredibly humbling journey together in building four creative platforms where the focus is to uplift, empower and embrace our kiddies on an imaginative, educational and helpful tool set available at everyone's finger tips! 


Mindful Creativity Wellness Book Series

Our Mindful Creativity Wellness Book Series is available to all the Generation School Campuses across the Western Cape. This book series is continually being developed with new and fresh material on a monthly basis focusing on helpful and important themes.

The Creative Expression Programme in school works with each age group. Using our Wellness & Creativity Curriculum with our adapted teaching method through Theatre & Visual Arts.


Our Educational Episodes are engaging and very informative, including wellness themes, educational fun facts and interactive art projects allowing the kids to get inspired and creative in their own time at home or in the classroom!
These episodes go hand in hand with our Mindful Creativity Book Series and we are always in the development of new content to this library.

Educational Episodes


Our podcast is a new addition to our Edutainment Library. Creative Beetroot loves this platform as we are strong believers in encouraging our children to listen and let their imaginations take them on an exciting adventure through storytelling! We have more exciting ideas coming for this platform where we want to bring Theatre shows to life here and a new show of an Interview style with Puppet Gerry the Giraffe called the Artist Article.


Free View

Storytelling Made Easy

A helpful guide on why storytelling is such a powerful tool for children to learn through. Plus fun workable tips on how to engage with your audience of little people! Our guides are being used in collaboration with Classrooms on Wheels - Hands of Honour.  Visit their website and support this incredible company in any way you can, they are doing beautiful work for the community.

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Empowering Posters & Artworks

Through our posters and artworks, we help our Beets identify emotions, we develop the understanding around this plus in addition we include wellness themes, where we include social situations and thinking skills relating to this.

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"Just be yourself. Let people see the imperfect flawed quirky weird beautiful  magical person that you are"
- Mandy Hale


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