Our Team

Candice van Ellewee

Social/Play Professional Advisor & Content Developer

I am a very compassionate person who loves to work with people, especially children.

I am passionate about helping children connect with their families and friends, to develop well socially and equipping them with tools to work through tough emotions.

Candice has over 15 years of experience working with families and children regarding social and play integration.

She plays an important role in our Creative Beetroot Team in helping to develop our content regarding our books, lessons and prop building.

She is also a member of Resilient Kids SA Team and offers one on one social skills and play integration sessions for children and their families.

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Cailin Mohoney

Graphic Designer
Illustrator & Visual Arts Coordinator

Cailin is a very talented Artist who has helped to develop and personalise the Creative Beetroot design style, art lesson layouts, and social media content.  She provides a variety of illustrative material as well as graphics for the brand as a whole.

She completed her Visual Communication Design Degree at Stellenbosch University, where she spent 4 years learning about, and conceptualizing the traditions of Visual Arts.


She enjoys assisting in class with our diverse art lessons, and has loved exploring alternative, creative teaching methods with our team.


Each day, Cailin feels that she continues to grow with the Creative Beetroot team, and she is so grateful for the important and meaningful lessons we have been able to learn together from every child we teach. 

Portia Sandla

Administration Manager &
Creative Facilitator 


I am a mother of 2 wonderful children, ages 17 and 11. I just love being a mom, and have always loved working with children, I believe they are the food for my soul.


Working with children has always given me so much joy.


Creative Arts have always been another love I have, I feel I am able to face any challenges through the Arts. I am able to focus, be calm and it gives me peace of mind. 


Being a part of the Creative Beetroot team has been a wonderful journey as I am able to explore both my passions and my soul is shining with happiness.

Portia plays an important role in our team. She helps organize the preparation of our props, class materials, the filming art set up and helps run a smooth production line in our everyday scheduling.


"Sometimes disappointments lead us to our destination. Trust the journey. Even when you don't understand the path"
- Kim Banwell

Jacqueline Sanders

Owner & Founder

Jacqueline is a mother of two young girls and is the creative mind and developer behind the Creative Beetroot Brand and Programme.


She has over 15 years’ experience working with children and their families. Her field of expertise stems from her passion working with children with ASD, and children with barriers to learning and who have social difficulties.


Her career started in London, UK, year 2000 where she was introduced and trained in the Son-Rise Program Approach working with an incredible family with their son. During her time in the UK, she studied her other passion which was The Performing Arts.


Through her many years of working with children and their families; her experience, knowledge and passion grew more and more as she noticed the impact that the creative arts have within her sessions and her development grew. She loved combining her two passions together, and it became her signature!  This is how her vision of Creative Beetroot was born and now a reality!