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Where play meets learning!

  Why the Creative Arts `Root`?

The Benefits:


There are many different types of art therapy that are beneficial to us. Creative Arts is a way for us to somehow express ourselves without fear of judgment. Through this, we are encouraged in our own way and own pace to interpret and eventually discuss what we have created, which in turn helps with any healing process or growth that we go through. Everyone of all ages, all backgrounds is capable of creating some form of art. It is engaging on many different levels with interests and our natural curiosity which helps us to learn, grow and see things in different ways. Creative Arts helps us to a self-discovery, self-expression, and self-control. It is non-threatening, it is fun, positive, and creates a safe environment for all of us to release our emotions and thoughts positively and creatively. 


Art - Painting, drawing, creating, colours being used and even the materials chosen this is all a means of expression of our thoughts, our understanding of what we are feeling, what we are going through, and how we can discover what our interests and talents are. 

Music - Listening to music and singing is so helpful for us who may find it difficult to express themselves through words. It helps strengthen these areas of communication skills. 

Drama/Theatre - Through drama we are able to find ways to express feelings that might be uncomfortable expressing, and in doing so this builds an understanding of oneself and others around us and builds up our self-awareness and confidence. This also creates team building, how to problem solve and to create solutions within themselves and in social situations.

Dance /Movement - Here we use the freedom of movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of our being.

Play/Props  - Here we use play techniques to resolve inner conflict, social situations  and self healing. 


Writing/Words -  Here we focus on the written word for growth, self healing and finding ways to understand and describe emotions and of oneself.


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Studio Group Classes 

Where play meets learning! 


  • We aim our lessons at exploring Theatre & the Arts through a wide variation of platforms.

  • In our Fun, Interactive Classes we include hand puppets, breathing techniques with movement, music, self positive speech, story-telling with small props & music. 

  • We Love to incorporate Craft Making & Art.

  • Or making mini plays with puppets or dress up play.

  • We incorporate learning about emotions / social situations into our lessons. We help our little 'beets' with problem solving skills, and help them to become more aware of their emotions and thoughts. 

  • We are always aiming at helping develop a Growth Mindset through creativity and having fun.


  • All Ages Welcome, Little ones under 4 will need to be accompanied by an Adult. 

  • Group Bookings minimum of 6 children, Max of 16 children per booking.

  • The venue will change according to booking OR we can even come to your home! 

  • Pricing: R100 per child, 10% discounted rate when booking more than 10 children.

  • Includes all art materials, and mini props/dress up. 

  • These are private Studio Group Classes where play meets learning! 


  • Homeschooling Groups

  • Moms & Tots Groups

  • Nanny & Me Groups

  • Friends with Kids Fun Creative Outing


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