“Every challenge that we face is the opportunity to become more than we've been before".”

- Lyena Strelkoff


Our Programme

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Little Beets

18 Months - 3 Years

Super Beets

3 - 6 Years

Rockstar Beets

6 - 9 Years

Steampunk Beets

9 - 12 Years

Why the Creative Arts 'Root'?

There are many different types of art therapy that are beneficial to us.


We offer and explore many platforms of the creative arts. We encourage our Beets to work in their own way and own pace to interpret and eventually discuss what we have created, which in turn helps with any healing process or growth that they go through.

Creative Arts helps us to self-discovery, self-expression, and self-control. It is non-threatening, fun, positive, and creates a safe environment for all of us to release our emotions and thoughts positively and creatively. 

What platforms do we use?

Visual Arts

We include art projects into our lessons that either are inspired by our Wellness Theme or a well known Artist. 


We cover an introductory to the History of the Arts exploring different artists, writers, scientists and performers. 


Within our art projects we try offer a wide variety of mediums and techniques to work within a guided way and over time they get to freely choose the direction they prefer i.e. painting, drawing, crafting and STEM. 


Creatively expressing yourself through art and crafts helps us to process our emotions and thoughts, and is a positive way of figuring out these areas with understanding and at the same time discover a new interest, skill or talent.

Music & Movement

Listening to music and singing is so helpful for us who may find it difficult to express themselves through words. It helps strengthen these areas of communication skills.  


We use the freedom of movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of our being.


We make use of storybooks that can be linked to our emotions, social situations and social skills development. 

The stories are incorporated into our lessons and are pulled through into our art, activities or theatre. 

Hand Puppetry

Children will often communicate easier through the use of puppetry, giving them the confidence to express their ideas and feelings. 


Children using a puppet on their hands have the freedom to explore new personalities and switching these off again, and at the same time are able to broaden their own selves in the process.

Theatre & Drama

Through drama, we are able to find ways to express feelings that might be uncomfortable expressing, and in doing so this builds understanding of oneself and others around us and builds up our self-awareness and confidence.


This also creates team building, how to problem-solve and to create solutions within themselves and in social situations.

Dress-Up & Imagination

Here we use play techniques to resolve inner conflict, social situations and self-healing.

Children are allowed to choose which character they want to explore. We act out mini-scenes either from stories or that is created by themselves.

The children absolutely love dressing up and playing with props, letting their imaginations guide them.