Humble Beginnings

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Starting from a dream I always had envisioned to having the idea to get it started then actually making it happen. It took an extremely supportive hubby, three friends in particular and God that helped me believe in myself and pushed me into starting.

I knew my big dream... but how would I start it from basically not having any money? How would I get interest in what I want to offer? How? ... By just starting it, taking one step at a time, a business proposal in hand, emails and emails... and going from school to school... I knew I had to get into a school environment as an extramural provider as from there you would be covered with client options aswell as a space to teach and this would all be covered in your termly cost and what percentage you give to the school. It works out better as the school sometimes also deals with the payment structure and following up on that side of things leaving that stress a side especially when first starting out. As time went by I realised how hard it was to get into a school as they would be pretty set up in advance for each term and many happy to stick with their usual extramural providers and not always wanting to try my NEW concept of what I was wanting to offer children. Finally I got an interview with Generation School and they loved my concept, it was NEW and refreshing! They gave me a chance to do a demo class in each age group. It was a HIT and from there our partnership started. Creative Beetroot became so popular where we had to start putting limits on the classes attendance. It was beautiful to experience. I was determined to show that my programme was more than a class of fun... that our standard of what we do and offer was on a high educational curriculum level and much more!

I have a strong faith and belief in my Lord. And I truly know that his hands have been with me on my journey of growth and guidance. Part of me is amazed at my ideas and how I have the courage to get them done aswell as putting myself out there daily in my performance or teachings. I am truly thankful daily and believe that what I do and what my team does is a calling and that we are here to make a difference in the little peoples lives we touch. I want to reach as many children as we can. I want to colour their lives with Upliftment, Knowledge, Tools, Empowerment and a Growth Mindset that will help set them up to shine brightly through their lives when it may be tough or good!