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  • We offer Parent Workshops on how to play. The power of play. How we can incorporate teaching into play and motivation. How we can look and develop social skills, speech and emotion understanding through play.

  • Creative Beetroot also offers Team Building Events where we include dress up activities/hand puppets and storytelling games working together in developing a story together and putting it on. Building props as a team.

  • School innings we offer a Big Life Journal lesson around topics of emotion/social situations/ goal setting with giving the How tools to help them This is done through storytelling and theatre

   Workshops for kids - we offer 3 kinds:

  • Team building through hand puppets, mini theatre storytelling development, and writing

  • Creating a Steampunk Art Journal

  • A big life Journal lesson with arts

  • Take a look at our Events Page for more photos! Or our Gallery page! 

We LOVE Books, Imagination & Creativity!

 This is what we encourage! 

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